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Merry Christmas

Everything used to be different. Nobody wants to deny that at the moment. Normality, that used to be, right? Do we know what the new year will bring us, what we will be dealing with in 2022? We are there to go the extra mile with you, to offer more and to create new solutions. Use the coming Christmas season for relaxation and inspiration for new things. Thank you very much for the great cooperation, happy holidays and a happy new year. Your FLUXRON Team

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New website look

We have revised the website and present it in a completely new look. The website is currently available in German, English, French and Italian. The ticket system for repairs and maintenance has been completely revised and further expanded. The old entries are still available on request.

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Pasquale Zaccaria new to FLUXRON

We are very happy to welcome Pasquale Zaccaria to our team. Pasquale Zaccaria will take over the Commercial Applications division. We wish you a good start in Sitterdorf.

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Sitterdorf Sitter

Measures to limit the COVID-19 pandemic

The current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic also challenges us. We work strictly according to the requirements of the federal office of public health and whenever possible in the home office. We continue to try to process your concerns and orders in a timely manner. We do our best to avoid unnecessary delays. Stay healthy.

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TKH Solutions Website

FLUXRON opens a sales agency in the UK

TKH Solutions and FLUXRON agree to cooperate on the marketing of induction heating systems and electronic thermostats in the UK. Tony Horsfall and his company will support the English customers in the application of FLUXRON innovations. At the trade fair “The Restaurant Show” in London, the first projects with customers could already be launched.

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Project Induction of FLUXRON

Low-electrosmog induction

A group of students from the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen investigated the low-electrosmog induction market on our behalf. See a summary of the project here.

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Product video FLUXRON

Product video BAX

The BAX built-in induction leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the integrated lifting system, the coil can be easily powered up or lowered by the electronics.

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Depending on the requirements, the following CERAN glass dimensions are supported:

Single cooking zone:

  • standard:     325mm x 325mm /   360mm x 360mm /   388mm x 388mm / 430mm x 430mm

Double cooking zone:

  • standard:       530mm x 325mm / 580mm x 360mm
    650mm x 325mm / 720mm x 360mm / 776mm x 388mm
  • special:           652mm x 356mm / 670mm x 370mm / 788mm x 388mm

Four times cooking zone:

  • standard:       650mm x 650mm / 720mm x 720mm / 776mm x 776mm
  • special:           740mm x 840mm / 780mm x 780mm

Six times cooking zone:

  • standard:       975mm x 650mm
  • special:           1000mm x 800mm

Special glasses:

  • slider:             430mm x 360mm / 560mm x 360mm
  • powershift:     300mm x 210mm / 388mm x 290mm
  • inline:             788mm x 230mm

WOK Cuvettes:

  • standard:       311mm / 400mm
  • special:           500mm

Modular induction systems (-out)

Fit-out devices are modular induction cookers. The CERAN glass and the glass carrier are flush to the stove surface via adjusting screws. The coil system itself is simply used in the glass carrier. However, the induction generator is installed separately in a generator compartment or remotely in the adjoining room.

Built-out substructure devices are modular induction solutionswhose coils are installed directly under a CERAN glass. Depending on the application, different mounting methods are available for the coil systems. The induction generator itself is installed separately in a generator compartment or set off in the adjoining room.

Drop-out insert devices are also modular induction cookers. The visible glass frame with the CERAN glass is inserted from above into existing recesses and stands up slightly on the stove surface. The coil system itself is simply fixed in the glass frame. However, the induction generator is installed separately in a generator compartment or remotely in the adjoining room.

Compact induction systems (-in)

Fit-in devices are compact induction solutions. The CERAN glass and the glass carrier are flushed to the stove surface via adjusting screws. The induction or coil system itself is easily used with the glass carrier.

Built-in devices are compact induction solutions that are installed directly under the CERAN glass. Depending on the application, different housing and assembly technology is used.

Drop-in devicesare inserted into a recess from above. The visible glass frame stands up slightly on the stove surface. The induction unit is either firmly installed in the housing, can be used from below or can be retracted from the front.

Mobile induction systems (-top)

Table-top devices are ideal for mobile use. They are connected directly to a power outlet and are immediately ready for operation.

BAX generators are specially designed for installation directly under the hob. The drip water safe housing with air intake via fat filter from below.

REX generators are specially designed for installation in the electrical cabinet. They can be arranged directly next to each other and are available as a single generator as well as a double generator.

BOX generators are specially designed for installation in tableware. Thanks to the open, elongated design and the radial ventilation system, they have a very small height.

NOX generators are specially designed for warming systems. The small height limits the performance to 3500W.

light – in lightweight construction
Herstellerseitig sind keine Montagehilfen vorgesehen

module – with mounting clips
To attach the coil module, mounting clips are mounted and screwed to the threaded bolts that are available on the building side.

lift – with lifting system
Using a patented lifting system, the coils can be pushed up to the CERAN glass after the device has been installed and pressed via the integrated spring system.

flex – the standard
The coils are mounted on the additional coil carrier. The coil carrier itself supports various types of assembly, which can be used on the construction side.

frame – with mounting frame
The coil carriers can be mounted on the existing bolt system on the additional glass carrier. The glass carrier itself is mounted sideways or from the bottom to the stove surface adjustable in height.

slide – with rail frame
Thanks to the additional rails attached to the glass carrier, the coil carriers can be inserted from the front over the aperture without any effort

The S-Class induction is suitable for both single and multi-cooking zones up to 8kW, guaranteeing the highest functionality, which can be easily configured via Bluetooth.

TheC-Class induction is designed for single cookers up to 5kW. The typical functions can also be configured via Bluetooth, as with the S-Class.

The A-Class induction is also available like the C-Class for single cookers up to 5kW, but has no configuration option.